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About Crossware Mail Signature

Crossware Mail Signature is an email signature software application that automatically adds compliant, personalised and attractive email signatures to all emails. These signatures may include disclaimers, logos, graphics and advertising banners that can be randomised or targeted to specific recipients.

Companies send thousands of emails every day, therefore it is vital to ensure that each email displays your brand image as well as the appropriate contact details and disclaimer information.

Branded Header

Customise a header to suit your company or department.

Correct Name

Automatically pull the correct details from your database.

Contact Details

Automatically append the correct contact details to every email.

Social Media Icons

Display links to all of your current social media networks.

Promotional Banner

Turn every email into an opportunity with an attractive banner.

Appropriate Disclaimer

Specify a disclaimer message to be appended to all emails.

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Users of Crossware Mail Signature

Crossware Mail Signature is used by many leading organisations around the world. Our customers care about the perception of their brand by customers, and are aware of the business risks surrounding disclaimers and legal disclosures. We have customers ranging from 10 users right up to corporate deployments with in excess of 25,000 users. Crossware Mail Signature is priced per user, so it is affordable for all organisations. It has been adopted by over 800 organisations with more than 500,000 combined email users worldwide.

Working Of Crossware Mail Signature


You send an email from your computer or your mobile device.


The email goes via your server or Office 365 where Crossware Mail Signature attaches all of your branding, contact details and the appropriate disclaimer and advertisments depending on the recipient or sender of the email.


The email arrives in the recipient’s inbox with all of the correct details and imagery.

Installation requirements

All major Domino Server platforms from Version 8.0 and upward are supported, along with IBM Notes clients from Version 8.0 and above running on Windows/Linux/Macintosh. On Microsoft we support Exchange 2010, 2013, all Office 365 Enterprise Plans and selected Office 365 Business Plans.

Best to Choose Crossware Mail Signature

IT Management

Save a huge amount of time by managing your entire organisation’s email signatures from one central database.


Get the maximum out of your branding budget by ensuring that every email will convey your organisation’s professional brand image and advertisements.


Every single email from any device will be compliant with your correct disclaimer details.

Benefits Of Crossware Mail Signature

Email branding

Create professional and consistent email signatures that include your company’s branding and correct personal details to be appended to all emails.


Email disclaimers

Automatically append your legal disclaimer to every email. Our product even allows you to create multiple disclaimers for different departments or offices.


Email advertising

Crossware Mail Signature is a powerful advertising tool. Promote your latest product, event or sale by appending targeted advertisements at the bottom of every email.


Centralised management

Control all email signatures from one configuration database. Crossware Mail Signature may just sit on your workspace, yet it has power over every single device in your organization.


Mobile devices

Crossware Mail Signature appends your professional email signature on all emails including those sent from mobile devices.


Multiple designs

Configure multiple email signature designs and apply them to suit specific company divisions and departments – or even individuals.



Give specific individuals editing rights for signature designs and make them tamper-proof for everybody else.


Correct placement

Insert disclaimers below the most recently typed text rather than at the bottom of the thread to ensure relevancy.


No end-user effort

Email signatures are managed centrally and therefore require no individual device setting up.


Easy rich text editor

Design your company’s email signature using a simple rich text field. Have control over fonts, tables and images.


Allow BYOD

Let employees bring their own device to the office and set up their work mail with no branding issues to worry about.