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  • Data Center Infrastructure

    Get the most out of your investment

    With decades of experience in different areas of IT, networking, telecommunication, servers, and office applications, Cavu Corp will help you leverage your IT infrastructure investments in this converging and disruptive world. Our solutions are designed to provide customers excellent quality of service, flexibility, and scalability.

    Our entrenched expertise, based on more than 10 years of enterprise experience, as well as our strong knowledge of Infrastructure solutions such as Active Directory migration, Exchange server upgrade, and Windows Server/SQL clustering have lead to successful deals and continuous customer satisfaction. Our team remained very focus and committed in these areas and our experienced project management team will ensure that major turnkey projects’ deliverables are met.

    Server Consolidation

    Our outstanding experience enables us to help you plan, architect, virtualize, consolidate or relocate your enterprise server/storage infrastructures. With the domain experts supporting a heterogenic infrastructure environment, we will assist you in planning and architecting your server requirements, including the reduction in server count and energy consumption as well as the increase in IT capacity and server availability.

    While utilizing tested-and-proven tools for the creation of virtual platforms we optimize hardware and improve productivity through consolidation of software workloads. Virtualization technology has since evolved from the consolidation of Infrastructure such as Server & Storage into the exciting arena of Business continuity, Cloud offering, and End User Computing.


    Next generation Data centre forms the foundation for both delivering enhanced services and driving better business outcomes. Being an expert in Data Centre Infrastructure. we are able to help you design and build data centres that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Not only will we help you to assess your environment, to provide recommendations and strategic advice in your facilities but we also offer solutions that can monitor, automate, and manage your data centres, regardless of size.

    Service Offering

    • Provide AS400 System (V5R2-V7R3)
      • DR system
      • Test / Development System
      • Archive System
    • Colocation of customer AS400 server/s

    SOW for AS400 System

    • Provide AS400 System (V5R2-V7R3)
    • Provide Remote access to System
    • Provide compatible tape drive
    • Assist with system backup and restore
    • Customer is responsible for their DATA and Application/s
    • Availability is 24/7 excluding building maintenance shut downs

    SOW for Colocation

    • Provide Rack space
    • Provide DC infra for power and cooling
    • Provide network bandwidth
    • Customer is responsible for their DATA and Application/s
    • Availability is 24/7 excluding building maintenance shut downs

    Infrastructure Specifications

    • Redundant cooling with precision air conditioners
    • UPS power supply
    • Dual power line supply to building
    • Generator backup
    • Fire suppression and alarm system
    • Secure facility

    Server Specifications

    • POWER 7 (V6R1,V7R1,V7R2,V7R3)
      • CPW up to 41,000
      • Memory up to 64 GB
      • Storage up to 10 TB (raw)
    • POWER 6 (V5R4, V6R1, V7R1)
      • CPW up to 18,000
      • Memory up to 64 GB
      • Storage up to 6.3 TB (raw)
    • POWER 5 (V5R3, V5R4, V6R1)
      • CPW up to 7,100
      • Memory up to 32 GB
      • Storage up to 4.2 TB (raw)
    • POWER 4 (V5R2)
      • CPW of 2,700
      • Memory of 8 GB
      • Storage of 560 GB (raw)

    Tape Drive Support

    • LTO4 - V5R3-V7R3 OS levels supported
    • LTO3 - V5R2-V7R3 OS levels supported
    • LTO2 - V5R2-V7R1 OS levels supported
    • 3570 - V5R3-V6R1 OS levels supported
    • 3590 - V5R3-V6R1 OS levels supported
    • 3490 - V5R3-V6R1 OS levels supported
    • 7208 - V5R3-V6R1 OS levels supported

    High Availability Architecture

    Our Business Continuity Process encompasses Data Protection, Application High availability, Disaster Recovery, and Remote Site Recovery. Collaborating with various vendors that offer different solutions based on customer requirements, customer’s budget and in-house skill sets, we provide the best fit solution to address customer overall BCP requirement.

    Storage Solution

    Not only do we provide Storage solution according to customer requirements but we also partner with product vendors for converged infrastructure and data solutions related to big data, cloud computing, data centre security, and storage.

    We are committed to address the needs of our enterprise customers with respect to a comprehensive and reliable converged infrastructure and data solutions, related to big data, cloud computing and storage, in order to achieve their business goals.

  • Enterprise Network

    Since networks form the backbone of the IT infrastructure it is absolutely essential to implement them equipped with optimized performance and reliability. Customers adopt a wide range of technologies like virtualized infrastructure or cloud that inherently rely on the network. Cavu Corp supports your organization in designing and building an enterprise level network solution that ensures communication networks delivering the performance your business relies on.


    We partner with both enterprise level perimeter security solutions and LAN infrastructure solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure or into a new LAN/WAN network.

  • Workflow Collaboration

    Cavu Corp is an authorized reseller for Social Collaboration Suite of IBM SW which includes Lotus Domino, IBM Connections, IBM Sametime, and cloud enabled offerings from IBM.

    Being an IBM Business Partner, Cavu Corp specializes in Lotus Notes/Domino technologies and offers a process-driven approach towards the development of custom Workflow enabled applications, collaboration solutions, application migration, maintenance, enhancements, audit & support.

    Cavu Corp demonstrates not only exceptional skills in providing high quality services to our customers but also has great exposure to vast programming practices resulting in an outstanding reputation for successfully executing technically challenging assignments.

  • Cloud Computing Service

    Cavu Corp launches ‘Spice Cloud’, an enterprise cloud service provider that is powered by IBM Softlayer infrastructure. Targeted at corporate and SME end-users, this cloud computing platform service has capabilities to deliver private, public and hybrid cloud environments, including the provision and migration of applications to the cloud computing.

    SoftLayer truly differentiates by offering superior Workload I/O intensity, infrastructure control and security, as well as an integrated platform across multiple architectures.

  • Managed Services

    Apart from having agile facilities and infrastructure, it is also crucial that the operational processes within your organization are streamlined and predictable. We can help your organization in rationalizing your business processes using enterprise management solutions. Some of our services include:

    • ITIL Framework
    • Enterprise Infrastructure Monitoring and Management
    • Data Centre Automation
    • Service Desk
    • Asset Lifecycle Management